Posing by A Academy - Presentation

How it work ? How to join ? Everything about Posing by A Academy

Posing by A Academy

Hey Babe, let's meet! I am super excited to present to you my new baby Posing by A Academy. I will be able to be available to more athletes and also you will able to connect with your teammates...maybe find your posing buddies? In this presentation, I will present to you all new features of my Academy  :
  • Intensive Coaching
  • Master Classes
    Events and more
Meet the instructor

Angéline Jeanson

As a retired IFBB Pro bikini, and now a head posing coach with 43 IFBB pro card wins, and 244 bikini overall wins, founder of Posing by A Academy, Angeline, knows exactly what it takes to demand attention.

She knows what it takes to create an IFBB PRO and to win pro show.