MAsterclass series

Walk Masterclass
 Making Your Walk Your Strongest Asset

In this class I'll teach you:
- How to walk 
- What do the best athletes have in common when they walk on the stage
- How to transfer your own body weight the right way for each different walk
- What are some of the worst mistakes beginners make when it comes to walking, how to correct them ?
- What is the first thing to work on in your walk, and how will it build your stage confidence fast.
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  • 1 Zoom Class
  • 1 Ebook
  • 10 Exercises

Become a Pro Walker

You will learn how to walk, master your weight transfer, learn how to bring out your personality, work on your posture, stand out from your competition and more
Meet the instructor

Angeline Jeanson

Angeline is a posing coach since 2018. She has made over 60 Pro since 2018. She has coached several Olympians. Her dance background make her coaching style very different. Get ready to work!
Patrick Jones - Course author