12 Months Subscription

Are you committed to meet the best version of you ? This is your chance to work closely me for 1 year. Posing is a journey and with 1 year coaching I garantee you, you will be a brand new athlete.  
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Benefits of this subscription plan

52 Weeks 

You will received 3 feedbacks per week for 52 weeks. A FULL YEAR of us working together 


All your feedbacks will be given by videos. You will be able to see exactly what to fix and how to fix it


Meet your teammate, find your posing buddies, share room, share tip, share everything you want to share…Suit to sale? We got you cover 

Master Classes 

New Master Classes delivered monthly INCLUDED


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First Access

Be the first to know about new products, projects and be the first to reserve your place prior everyone. Also the first to receive discounts  

12 Months Subscription

1 YEAR Intensive Coaching