Total Package - 6 Months Subscription

Total package is my most complete coaching plan. You get it all. Weekly check-in, monthly 1 on 1 class and voxer support to help you become the best poser and athlete. We will work together during 1 year to achieve the best version of yourself

Benefits of this subscription

Let's get ready to win your show, to improve your posing, to boost your confidence, to achieve your dream. This subscription will help you elevate your posing like never before

#1 Weekly Check-in

Every week you will send me your best posing video. I will provide you a video with your feedbacks, but also new exercises, new steps and new techniques to help you progress.

#2  1-on-1 Zoom Class

We will meet on zoom to work on new subsjects and new techniques

#3 Voxer Support

It's important to me that you feel supported. If you have questions or need clarifications in between check-in, you will have access to me on voxer. Espicially on showday if you need anything, let me know!

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by loging into your account. Posing by A Academy services are not refundables. You will have access to the academy until the last day of your subscription.

Can I pause my susbscription?

You can't pause your subscription. 

How do I book my 1 on 1 ?

You will receive a giftcard number to book on If you can't find your giftcard number, please send an email to