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We offer 2 type of membership: Intensive Coaching and Total Package
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Intensive Coaching


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your posing? Are you unsure how to improve drastically your posing ?

Working with me will help you learn how to improve, grow and deliver in the posing world. You'll leave with a better you, a better athlete and a better poser. Are you ready ?
Intensive coaching is an online service that provides you direct feedback to become the best version of yourself.

We will work together on posing, transition, walk, confidence, stage readiness, energy, look and more.

It's the best service to progress on a daily basis. 
Intensive Coaching: How it work?
  • 3 Submissions per week
  • 2 Videos per submission
  • Feedback given by video with clear example and exercises to improve your posing
  • Feedback are given 24-48hr after submissions
Intensie COaching: WHY?
Over the years, I have realized thatin order for my athletes to progress they must receive as much feedback as possible and as often as possible. By practicing the right technique every time, it is possible to improve posing faster and easier.

This service offers you my expertise more often and consistently. Are you ready?

Intensive Coaching- Subscriptions



You want an hybrid between intensive coaching and zoom class. You want to be able to get weekly feedback and also meet me. This package is the best of my 2 offers. You get to see me 1 on 1 and also receive weekly feeback to improve between classes
Total Package: WHAT it is?
Total package is the hybrid between intensive coaching and 1-on-1 classes. 

You will see 1x per month and send weekly check-in on the academy to help you progress between your class.
Intensive Coaching: How it work?
  • 1 Submissions per week
  • 1 Zoom class per month
  • 2 Videos per submission
  • Feedback given by video with clear example and exercises to improve your posing
  • Feedback are given 24-48hr after submissions
Total Package: WHY?
I want my athletes to have the best learning experience possible for them. I want them to feel constently support by me and to help them achieve their dreams. This is why I create an hybrid coaching package. You get the best of 2 worlds.

Total Package- Subscriptions


"Angeline really knows where she is going when it comes to posing. I had previously competed at one show prior to taking class with her and she really helped me understand the fundamentals of posing and it’s importance for our presentation. Every check in she would make sure I performed my routine perfectly and would critique it with the changes needed. Loved working with her & can’t wait to do my pro debut routine with her guidance!
Highly recommend her!
"If you are looking to elevate your posing then you definitely should book EOD with Angeline. Is it intensive? Yes! Is it a lot of work? Hell yes! Is it worth it? TOTALLY. I have tried both just online classes and EOD + online classes. The second option helped me to elevate my posing & feel more confident on stage. It also keeps me on track and focused. While you are doing your EOD you get 3X more feedback than if you were just to book a class. You are also learning 3X faster and becoming 3X better than others. Invest in yourself, invest in your posing. By the way this would be my 12th month of EOD with Angeline."
"I loved it! I will be doing it again in March &April. It kept me accountable to practice if I was being lazy. And the frequent feedback with each checkin really helped me with daily practicing know what to look for rather then waiting until out next 1:1 appointment."
"EOD has not only helped me gain more confidence in my heels but it has also made me more intentional with each practice session. Angeline is really good at breaking things down and helping you to focus on fixing a few things at a time. Sense starting EOD I find myself practicing more frequently. I also feel more productive because her guidance is super specific to what I need to work on. Angeline pushes you to find your own perfection and has a great eye to catch what you can do to improve!"
Bailey Harrison

Frequently asked questions

How to cancel my subscription? 

Log into your account and you can cancel anytime. Subscriptions automatically renew unless you cancel them.
If you cancel a paid subscription, you can keep using the subscription until the next billing date.

Can I put my subscription on hold? 

Unfortunately it’s not possible. It start when you book it and finish after your subscription duration.

Intensive Coaching vs Classes 

Intensive Coaching don’t replace classes. During Intensive Coaching we focus on fixing every details on your posing. Classes are made to learn more subjects. We recommend booking posing classes every 3-4 weeks to keep learning posing techniques. Some athletes prefer to only do Academy. Everything is possible, feel free to ask Ang or Claire what's the best plan for you